36 Hours in Puerto Rico

Let me give you some advice:  the most important person alive right now that you need to get to know is yourself. When life gets crazy, it is impossible to have a conversation with anyone about anything important if you haven’t first conversed with and come to understand yourself.  I’m asking you to be selfish here.  Listen to […]

Dream a little dream

One of my favorite blogs (The Girl Who Loved To Write) posed a journaling challenge at the beginning of this year with 52 awesome prompts to get you started–or in my case, through a huge writer’s block. If you love to write, or hate to write but really want to take inventory of what’s going […]

The Team + 2

In a past post, I mentioned that I may have an announcement or two for you. Here goes! Less than a week after closing on the house, my friend Samantha (the awesome purr-son behind Wonderfulkittys) posted that she had a disabled kitten that needed a home (and his littermate!).  For me, a house is not […]