During: The Bathroom Update

Hi everyone! It’s been a busy month in the house renovation world with lots of updates in every space.  However, the one room we have been most excited about getting finished is the upstairs hall bathroom.  This one has given us the biggest challenge so far. When we bought the house, it was definitely a […]

Gray Matter

I haven’t written much lately because it seems like I’m not doing much, but in reality there is a TON going on!  We’ve decided to take off all the existing 2-inch baseboard and door trim on the main floor and in the upstairs (bedrooms, hall, and bath).  This has been awesome for me because as […]

How to paint a vanity cabinet

My original plan was to take before and after pictures of each room and then make one big post showing everything we did, but since there are a lot of great stories in the little details, I’m breaking it down.  Not necessarily in order either, sorry! So the bathroom.  It was pretty weird.  The only […]

Saying Goodbye to my Cat

I have to believe two things about pet guardians: 1. We’re the most spiritually connected, compassionate people on the planet; and 2. We’re masochists.  Most of us are acutely aware, from the moment we agree to care for them, that we will likely outlive our pets.  Forsaking all caution, we allow our hearts to take off […]

Why the heck am I blogging?

I am not a professional writer.  As far as I know, I’m not about to accomplish something extraordinary.  I haven’t lived a life entirely different from many thousands of others.  But still, I have something to say and that is why I’m blogging. I’ve always taken a liking to great speeches.  In moments of deep passion, […]