What to Do: Spayed Kitten Taking Off E-Collar

Hi everyone!

I’m taking a little break from the house-blogging to chat cats–particularly spaying and neutering.

Bob Barker said it first–have your pets spayed and neutered!  It’s so much better for their health in the long run and it prevents animal overpopulation and shelter overload.  If you or your child want the experience of watching a litter of kittens come into the world, offer to volunteer at a shelter as a foster mom.  This time of year there are a LOT of pregnant female cats coming into shelters that need safe homes to stay in while they bring their brood into the world.  Your home could be the perfect place!  Maybe you’ll end up falling in love in the process and adopt a cat or two. 🙂

Yesterday was spay day for Rollie (AKA Rollie Pop, Charmin, etc. etc.) and neuter time for her brother Pig Pen.  Neuters are very simple procedures but spays are much more intense and invasive so our little girl has come home with stitches and a shaved stomach.  Most vets will discharge a spayed female with what is called an “E-Collar” or Elizabethan Collar, or just simply “the cone of shame.”  The idea behind this is that it prevents the cat from being able to lick at or pull apart her stitches.  The thing is, cats HATE E-Collars, and if a cat hates something, it can’t happen.  You know cats.

So Rollie made it her personal mission last night to break out of the collar.  After re-tying it three times, my gears started turning.  She hates the e-collar because she’s finding it hard to see what is beneath her and she can’t play with her toys or lay down comfortably.  (Yeah, she’s about the only cat that still wants to hunt toy mice after her surgery).  What can I make really quickly to cover her wounds and let her be comfortable?

A cozy crocheted surgical sleeve!


Rollie in an E-Collar = Not Happy

So sad.  So very sad.


2015-06-20_08-42-11_250“Look Mama, I can see the floor again!”

After wearing her sleeve for just a few hours, she’s already much happier and is currently curled up taking a nap in her favorite position which she couldn’t get into while wearing the E-Collar.  What’s better is that it stays in place, is thick enough to prevent her from scratching at her stitches, and it is breathable.

To make one of your own, crochet a tube about six inches wide by about 3/4 the girth of your kitten.  Attach using a button and loop.  Or I’d be happy to make one for you.  In the mean time, Rollie is happily representing the colors of her Pirates baseball team and on the road to recovery from her spay!



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