An easy tip to save everything you own

Hi guys!  Sorry for disappearing for awhile. The below is a narrated hieroglyph explaining the last month-ish I’ve been away from the blog:img003

There once was this girl (shown above in tent skirt) who had a laptop.  Okay, that girl is me.  It was a Lenovo model in a pretty blue color and it was a pretty great machine.


This laptop was so particularly great because it contained little bits of everything that made up a HUGE portion of my life.  Things like artwork I’ve made and sold and will never see again, photographs representing ten or so years of my life, all of my music, all of my writing, photos of the new house (all the before pictures!!!), photos of my dearly departed cat, pictures from my travels around the world that I can only hope to relive…and more, and more and more.  So much stuff.  Whenever people ask the question “If your house was on fire and all living things were safely rescued, what is the one thing you’d go back in for?”  My answer was immediately and unequivocally “my laptop.”

So you’d think I would have backed it up in like 40 different places, right?  You’d think.


One day, I thought to myself “I’ll update my flash player!”  And, thinking I was on the Adobe website (because it looked just like it, but who knows where I actually was) I downloaded Flash.  Or, so I thought.  What I really downloaded was a criminal named CryptoWall 3.0 who came into my computer and stole all my files by encrypting them so I could not access them.  It then sent me a series of ransom messages saying If I didn’t pay $1,000 USD in Bitcoins to this criminal, I’d never see my precious stuff again.

Well, I don’t like to play games with evil people and there was no guarantee of ever really getting my computer back, so after some serious desires to kill this unknown person, I resigned myself to losing everything.  Everything.  EVERY. THING.


I’m not going to hide it, I was pretty upset.img007

So if you want to avoid this sad face being one of your own….


BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!  Online backups are a LOT cheaper than I ever realized, they are automatic, and totally worth it if you would be lost without your computer data.  Furthermore, back up your files on an external hard drive (or two); it will be $100 well spent.




2 thoughts on “An easy tip to save everything you own

  1. I can’t imagine the stress this has caused you. Much like someone coming into your home and stealing precious items you can never, ever replace. This happened to us once. The feeling is one of being violated.

    I will pay heed to your suggestion concerning backing up. We do this, but not as often as we should. Thank you for sharing this. Your loss is our lesson.

    • YES! I used the word “violated” many a time to describe it! I guess the difference is, there is no way to “back up” your physical stuff when someone breaks into your home and takes it–I should have known better with my digital! 😦

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