The Team + 2

kitty pigpen

In a past post, I mentioned that I may have an announcement or two for you. Here goes!

Less than a week after closing on the house, my friend Samantha (the awesome purr-son behind Wonderfulkittys) posted that she had a disabled kitten that needed a home (and his littermate!).  For me, a house is not a home until a cat moves in, and something about this situation drew me in.  I’m a sucker.

Fast forward a few weeks and I now have two sweet kittens in my home.  Is the timing perfect? Not really.  But they are such a joy and are great motivation for getting this project finished soon.

About Rollie:
(The black and white girl)
1. I pronounce my name “Raw-lee” and I’m named after Rollie Fingers who shares my handlebar mustache.
2. I have long legs and the softest fur you’ve ever petted.
3. My paws are my favorite part of my body.  I am constantly touching things and wrapping my teeny tiny fingers around things.
4. I am an escape artist.  I’ve learned to unlatch doors and I’m really fast and sneaky when I break free.
5. Sometimes I go by Rollie-Charmin, Rollie-Catster, and stache.
6. Today I am just shy of 4 months old and I weigh 4.2 lbs.

About Pigpen:
(The brown seal point boy)
1. My name is Pigpen (for now anyway) because one of my favorite things in the world is to roll around on the floor and pick up little bits of dirt and whatever I can find.
2. I am a dwarf so I have really short legs.
3. In contrast, I have a very loud meow that sounds like a person distinctly saying “ME-OW”
4. I can be a bit reserved, but it’s okay because with my short legs, I actually fit underneath my sister.  When I’m frightened, I hide there and we stack our heads together like a little kitty totem pole.
5. I have a lot of nicknames: Lil Bit, Piglet, Hercules, and choc are some of them.  We’ll explain Hercules in a minute.
6. Today I am just shy of 4 months old and I weigh just 2.6 lbs.

I’ve had these two in my life for about two weeks now and I have hesitated to write about them until after our first vet visit.  When Samantha told me Pigpen was disabled, she explained that his spine wasn’t quite right.  If you feel along his back, you’ll notice an area right along his side near his spine where there is a bulge that feels sort of like his back twists off to the side.  In the worst case scenario (lordosis), he might not live more than a couple of months.  But after making it to 14 weeks, Samantha thought he might be in better shape than she initially feared.  We knew he had some sort of deformity, but until we got an official diagnosis, we relied on his fighting spirit and army of feline guardian angels to keep him safe.  While we hoped it wasn’t lordosis, we wondered if he’d need surgery, a special lifestyle, or if he’d live a normal lifespan.  Given that, I wasn’t ready to put him in the spotlight of my social circle until I knew exactly what we were dealing with.  I’m a nervous mother.  In the mean time, he needed a warrior name so Hercules stuck.

Today he had his first appointment with a vet that I’ve known and trusted for years and we were absolutely delighted to hear the results!  Our little Pigpen does indeed have a deformity, but rather than it being of the spine (something very severe and delicate to deal with), it is of his rib cage.  His rib cage on one side failed to form down and around his body as it should have.  This could be due to a trauma in the womb or during birth, or just simply due to a fluke birth defect.  The funny bulge is actually his ribs starting, curling in, and ending half-way to where they should go.  The vet examined him and found no reason to perform surgery any time soon (if at all).  Right now we just need to make sure his lungs are fine and there aren’t any problems as he grows over the next year.  We’ll be checking in with the vet often and watching him (particularly his breathing) but in the mean time he has a very clean bill of health!  We’re so grateful!

So, we’re pleased to finally share the good news of our two furry bundles of joy with all our friends and family.  You’ll be seeing a lot of them on the blog (and in real life)!



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