Dog Gone

To say I am tired is the understatement of the century.  My body actually aches with something akin to an adrenaline overdose over a very, very long period of time.  Since the start of January, I have not had a single week without at least a handful of things to do each day.  It’s not all house stuff–some of it is doctor appointments, oil changes, work (which has been rough lately), taxes, sicknesses, and the daily maintenance of life.  But it is getting to the point where my existence feels so forced and so exhausting that I just want to quit it all and go back to childhood or somewhere really far from all of this.

And house stuff is hard.

When Mark and I first started getting acquainted with our house, the one thing we both agreed on is that the house had a funky smell.  No big deal.  Everyone’s house smells a little bit different and we just figured that once we started breaking out paint fumes and eventually moving our own things in that it would dissipate.  Yeah, no.

When we got to tearing out the carpet in the master bedroom, the smell was positively identified as dog urine.  LOTS of dog urine.  Enough to saturate a sub-floor.  I know, i know…You’re wondering how the heck we didn’t know this from the onset, right?  Well, they hid it nicely beneath really good carpet padding and newer carpet.  And Glade plug-ins.  Seriously, this house could be their most effective advertising yet.

2015-03-14_13-56-51_275 2015-03-14_13-57-01_182This is what we were up against.  The thing is, the sub-floor was still solid and sound and with all the square footage and cuts that would have to be made, it would have been entirely too expensive and time consuming to replace it.  So, quick thinking as he is, Mark devised a plan to clean it out of the floor.  I should note, this really isn’t a great idea to send to the masses of DIYers, but it worked for us in our very specific circumstances.  I would really caution you against doing this, though.  Let me explain…

Mark figured that by filling a paint tray with a ratio of bleach and water (whatever the bottle suggested and maybe a splash stronger on the bleach side) and using a paint roller to cover the floor, we could maybe start to lift some of that funk out.  Here’s my word of caution:  Dog and cat urine both contain ammonia.  Bleach and ammonia are a very, very dangerous mix.  The only way I consented to let Mark do this was because we had that room so extremely ventilated with windows and industrial fans and we had HEPA masks on hand as well.  So please, if you ever find yourself in this situation (and I hope no one ever does–gag!), please please please be careful.

After several applications of bleach spread over a few days, things started to look and smell muchhh better.  But, just to seal the deal, we painted the floor with a layer or so of Kilz.  Smell gone.

Of course, I say that now only because the entire house smells of epoxy, but that’s another post for another day. 🙂

While I’m at it, I appreciate all of you who read this!  I never expected so many people to care about two dorks making their house a home, but you guys are making this journey less exhausting and more fun.  I feel like you’re all with me cheering me on while I get this place up and running.  As soon as we’re in, we’d love to give in-person tours to our friends! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Dog Gone

  1. You did a great job! I was going to recommend that you use an application of kilz. Our dogs ruined our family room carpet, padding and sub floor. We were putting in hardwood and I used pinesol in the sub and then kilz. I did two coats to be extra cautious. Totally blocks the odor. It’s been about 7 years and there is no trace of urine odor. ☺️

  2. Nice! Pinesol is a good idea–and it smells MUCH nicer than bleach. If we find more sub-floor like this one (likely), I think I’ll switch to that. Thank you! 🙂

    • We’re going to do carpet. As much as I love hardwood, it would be waaay expensive, so maybe someday. But still, I love the cozy softness of carpet underfoot in the morning! 🙂 I keep thinking of you while I do this project because I know you’d be so into it!

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